Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maxed Out and Auditioning Children

I just watched an intriguing and well done documentary titled, "Maxed Out". It details the lives of Americans whose lives are drowned in debt and fueled by power hungry credit card companies and debtors who thrive off the their pain.
It was well done, and juxtaposed with stories where family's loved ones committed suicide, more often than not, to escape their deep financial troubles.

It inspired me to get my debt payed off, even though my debt is measly and small compared to the amounts some of the interviewed had accumulated. Regardless, some of the those scum bags they interviewed (the debt consolidators) really make you realize how the system isn't always there for you. But it ends hopefully, showing that some people found hope through all the darkness and shit. Lesson learned: Don't mess with credit.

On to more uplifting news, March 12th begins the child actor tryouts for my short film, Marilyn Manson Birthday. Most of the parents seem eager, although some of them are definitely what you'd call "stage parents", obsessed with their child's acting future ONLY.
It should yield some awesome auditions and hopeful children. Plus, they're all from the local community theater which makes everything easier in terms of filming location and what not. I'm excited to see what these kids bring to the table.

Once I have selected a kid, I'm going to secure the location I want for my filming, and then my befriended actors and actresses. :)

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I would love to have you involved!