Friday, May 27, 2011


It's been a while! Sorry for the loss of contact!
As of now I'm finishing the script for Marilyn Manson Birthday and taking steps towards a short documentary with my father. It's going to be about his troubled childhood, and my perception on his goal to reconcile with it.

A lack of time has stopped me from filming and doing more film projects but now that I cut one of my jobs from the picture, it should make it easier. The only real issue is being able to use equipment when I need to. I'm trying to work things out with my internship and a film professor so that I could use their equipment for the time being. We'll see.

Stay tuned for more updates! :D


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Maxed Out and Auditioning Children

I just watched an intriguing and well done documentary titled, "Maxed Out". It details the lives of Americans whose lives are drowned in debt and fueled by power hungry credit card companies and debtors who thrive off the their pain.
It was well done, and juxtaposed with stories where family's loved ones committed suicide, more often than not, to escape their deep financial troubles.

It inspired me to get my debt payed off, even though my debt is measly and small compared to the amounts some of the interviewed had accumulated. Regardless, some of the those scum bags they interviewed (the debt consolidators) really make you realize how the system isn't always there for you. But it ends hopefully, showing that some people found hope through all the darkness and shit. Lesson learned: Don't mess with credit.

On to more uplifting news, March 12th begins the child actor tryouts for my short film, Marilyn Manson Birthday. Most of the parents seem eager, although some of them are definitely what you'd call "stage parents", obsessed with their child's acting future ONLY.
It should yield some awesome auditions and hopeful children. Plus, they're all from the local community theater which makes everything easier in terms of filming location and what not. I'm excited to see what these kids bring to the table.

Once I have selected a kid, I'm going to secure the location I want for my filming, and then my befriended actors and actresses. :)

Interested? Message me or email me at:
I would love to have you involved!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stonehenge Decoded

I'm a watching a Natgeo special called, "Stonehenge Decoded". It's pretty interesting. It's based off this new theory that Stonehenge was built as a burial ground for the pre-European population's ancestors. Almost creepy...but interesting.

Currently figuring out the last minute details for my casting call for all child actors who want to be in my short film, Marylin Manson Birthday. That's the TITLE IN PROGRESS.

Also working aggressively on my screenplay for my eng 387 class, which details the ordinarily boring life of a fast food drone named Dale.

Anyway, if you're a child actor, or adult, please contact me regarding the short film, Marilyn Manson Birthday. I need a general idea of actors before I can secure the proper location for filming :)

Until then, I'll keep you posted!



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Friday, February 4, 2011

Being John Malkovitch and The Business of Being Born

I recently watched, "Being John Malkovitch", a movie I've been wanting to see for a while. The whole basis of the movie is that a married, loser named "Craig Schwartz" finds a portal in his office that leads to John Malkovitch's brain. For 15 mintues, you can be John Malkovitch, and then you're spit out onto the Jersey Turnpike. Craig and a woman he adors, Maxine, charge poor saps $200 a trip to be John Malkovitch.

It was awesome. Trippy...but awesome. 5 stars in my book. But then again, I love Charile Kaufman. He's a great writer.

I also watched a documentary called, "The Business of Being Born", which disucussed the history of midwivery and how it's better to have home births than hospitalized. It was very interesting, pretty unbiased. I enjoyed it. It was ironic though, due to the director getting pregnant, and then ending up having a hospitalized birth....

I'm at work, so I'll post more later.
Perhaps I'll watch something else tonight and blog.
Until then...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Beautiful Truth and Broken Flowers

I'm currently watching "The Beautiful Truth". It's extremely biased. It's actually pissing me off. I have very mixed feelings on it. The credibility of the Director is very low....considering all the films he made before this were wilderness adventure movies. In the film, the Director criticized the main character for eating shit. Of course it's bad for you. The whole film, sorry for the delay, is about how a Doctor from the 1920's, Dr. Gerson, had a way to cure cancer and disease by eating organically and use coffee enemas.
Yeah. Convincing. However, that last part isn't mentioned in the film. Of course...because it's biased as hell.
Steve Kroschel has no credibility expect that he grew up in Alaska...I guess.

I suppose there is some truth to their portrayal of amalgum, those silver fillings you used to get at the dentist, and how it has mercury in them. I don't know.
Mixed feelings. I need more evidence on both sides. So biased.

I also watched, "Broken Flowers" starring Bill Murray and Jeffrey Walsh. It was good, cinematography wise...and the script was good. However, the ending was a bit open ended, but I suppose it only bothered me based on personal preference. I'm pretty sure I understood the ending...but without validation...I feel stupid.
The plot revolves around Don Johnston, a 50+ bachelor, who reluctantly re-meets with his past girlfriends to find out if one of them had sent him a letter about a son he never knew.
Nothing too original, but the way it was done was great.
Plus you have Frances Conroy in the film. And any Six Feet Under fan will let you know how fucking BOSS she is :)

Well, if I watch anything else. I'll post.

As for updates, still pulling this film of mine together. Nothing ended up happening with "The 13th Sign", but I'm trying to move on. ;)


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The 13th Sign, Marilyn Manson and Documentary

An interesting headline, I know.

But it's the truth. I am about to PA for a local film titled, "The 13th Sign" featuring the lead singers of Michigan-based metal band "Mushroomhead". I'm not a fan of this group by any means, but it's still someone famous.
I'm hoping to help out from Jan. 25th to Feb. 11th. :)

As for my own projects, I've begun the pre-production for my short film which details the day in the life of a waiter, and his honest attempts at giving a kid the birthday song of his life.
It's going to be rad. If you want to be involved please e-mail me at: or message me/comment on here!

Last, but not least, is my short documentary I'm putting together on the Michigan Film Incentive. Phone calls and talking with executives have already begun and I'm stoked to see more progress with this.

Until then,


Monday, January 10, 2011


Sorry for the long Hiatus!

I have been the pre-production for 3 projects and am very eager to start! I'm beginning 2 short films and 1 documentary. Anyone who wants to be involved should inquire through my blog or message me! :)

Also, if anyone wants to be involved in an upcoming Zombie Mockumentary with my friend and fellow film maker, Krissy Haggard, please message me too!

I'm eager to begin this year right! Full of beautiful celluloid!