Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zombie Filming!

I just got back from a whole days worth of filming for Kristine Haggard's indie film, "I am Zombie".
It was a blast! Not to mention gory and hilarious! ;D
I ended up picking up some amazing make-up at Ed's Costume Shop in Lake Orion. And thanks to some amazing tutorials online on how to use the makeup, I was able to use simple Face and Nose wax, Liquid Latex, and fake blood to achieve the look. Kristine was awesome at doing the dead looking skin, which only added to the look. It was perfect.

There were 3 scenes with the zombies, and 1 of them included some disgusting blood capsules that I, of course, got to chew. Nothing's better than waking up in the morning, becoming a zombie, and eating people. :)

Well, I hope you enjoy some of these pictures from the shoot! :D


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An Education

So worth it! I loved it! :D
It was heartwarming, inspiring, beautiful, dark, and relateable.
Seeing this makes you feel so independent and ready to say "hello world, I'm here to take you on, full force". Not that Peter Sarsgaard's sexiness wasn't helpful to the movie... ;)

I really enjoyed the cinematography. Anytime Jenny was at home or school, her typical life, the color was more bland and lifeless. But anytime she was with David, the color was lively! The story line, based on the memoir of the same name, was so rich.
You feel innocent in the beginning, but matured by the end (much like Jenny). It was wonderful, really.

I can see why it won so many awards. I loved it.
GO watch it!


Fargo and An Education

Just finished watching 'Fargo', finally. I've planned on watching it for a while now, and decided to finally watch it today. I was pretty impressed. It was very endearing. I really appreciated the Minnesota aspect and how darkly humorous it made the entire plot. It was such a subtle're constantly on your seat, yet the characters and events are so matter of fact and simple. It's life. Real life. And you can't get more thrilling then death and murder in real's almost a stigmata now a days to see or hear of death. In typical action movies, or horror movies, people die yet we don't feel so connected, and it seems so unreal. This movie brings in that strange connection we feel with death as well as life. T
You have a cop like Marge who see's these horrible things, yet goes on with her life like nothing has ever happened. It's...surreal.

Now, I'm going to watch 'An Education' with the sexy Peter Sarsgaard. So stoked. I've been wanting to see this for a while too, especially with all the awesome reviews it's gotten/awards.
I'll update after I watch it with my reviews.


Friday, August 20, 2010


Do you want to be a zombie?! Have you been having fantasies of biting people, terrorizing towns, and taking over humanity?
Then contact me to be part of the indie film, "I am Zombie" directed by: Kristine Haggard of SBP!
She's part of the indie film workshop I've been helping with as part of my internship at SBP.

SOOOOOO, if you want to be a zombie you can meet up with us in Royal Oak, MI at 10am to be involved! :D
You MUST provide your own zombie make-up, and we're looking for a freshly dead look!

Please comment and I can message you full details! :D


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Slow Time

Alright, due to lots of work at VS my filming has been slow. I'm trying to finish my short film script in the next month or so, so that I can begin casting and developing my crew.
Also, I've been trying to find a time worthy video contest to enter. If you have any suggestions, or have an idea, let me know with a comment! :D

Until then,


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Facebook Divorce

Due to a marvelous moment of spontaneity, I made a video with my friend Patrick and his girlfriend.
It's a divorce video.
In a quick story of my personal life: My mom loves my friend Patrick and always proposes the idea of us getting married. So, as a joke, we became facebook offical as "married". Due to the recent events of my good friend, Patrick, getting an awesome girlfriend, we decided to divorce VIA facebook, in the most awesome way possible. A Divorce Video.

So, after filming it in less than 30 minutes, almost 2 hours ago, here's the up and running video of: FACEBOOK DIVORCE!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Alright, the video is officially up and running!

Check it out, tell your friends, post the link everywhere, tattoo it on your body, WHATEVER! Just make sure you spread the word about it. I'm very proud of this video in terms of hilarity and the video quality (due to it being shot on my flip video's not tooo bad).

So yeah, watch it, give it a thumbs up and favorite it!