Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fargo and An Education

Just finished watching 'Fargo', finally. I've planned on watching it for a while now, and decided to finally watch it today. I was pretty impressed. It was very endearing. I really appreciated the Minnesota aspect and how darkly humorous it made the entire plot. It was such a subtle're constantly on your seat, yet the characters and events are so matter of fact and simple. It's life. Real life. And you can't get more thrilling then death and murder in real's almost a stigmata now a days to see or hear of death. In typical action movies, or horror movies, people die yet we don't feel so connected, and it seems so unreal. This movie brings in that strange connection we feel with death as well as life. T
You have a cop like Marge who see's these horrible things, yet goes on with her life like nothing has ever happened. It's...surreal.

Now, I'm going to watch 'An Education' with the sexy Peter Sarsgaard. So stoked. I've been wanting to see this for a while too, especially with all the awesome reviews it's gotten/awards.
I'll update after I watch it with my reviews.


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