Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stonehenge Decoded

I'm a watching a Natgeo special called, "Stonehenge Decoded". It's pretty interesting. It's based off this new theory that Stonehenge was built as a burial ground for the pre-European population's ancestors. Almost creepy...but interesting.

Currently figuring out the last minute details for my casting call for all child actors who want to be in my short film, Marylin Manson Birthday. That's the TITLE IN PROGRESS.

Also working aggressively on my screenplay for my eng 387 class, which details the ordinarily boring life of a fast food drone named Dale.

Anyway, if you're a child actor, or adult, please contact me regarding the short film, Marilyn Manson Birthday. I need a general idea of actors before I can secure the proper location for filming :)

Until then, I'll keep you posted!



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