Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Beautiful Truth and Broken Flowers

I'm currently watching "The Beautiful Truth". It's extremely biased. It's actually pissing me off. I have very mixed feelings on it. The credibility of the Director is very low....considering all the films he made before this were wilderness adventure movies. In the film, the Director criticized the main character for eating shit. Of course it's bad for you. The whole film, sorry for the delay, is about how a Doctor from the 1920's, Dr. Gerson, had a way to cure cancer and disease by eating organically and use coffee enemas.
Yeah. Convincing. However, that last part isn't mentioned in the film. Of course...because it's biased as hell.
Steve Kroschel has no credibility expect that he grew up in Alaska...I guess.

I suppose there is some truth to their portrayal of amalgum, those silver fillings you used to get at the dentist, and how it has mercury in them. I don't know.
Mixed feelings. I need more evidence on both sides. So biased.

I also watched, "Broken Flowers" starring Bill Murray and Jeffrey Walsh. It was good, cinematography wise...and the script was good. However, the ending was a bit open ended, but I suppose it only bothered me based on personal preference. I'm pretty sure I understood the ending...but without validation...I feel stupid.
The plot revolves around Don Johnston, a 50+ bachelor, who reluctantly re-meets with his past girlfriends to find out if one of them had sent him a letter about a son he never knew.
Nothing too original, but the way it was done was great.
Plus you have Frances Conroy in the film. And any Six Feet Under fan will let you know how fucking BOSS she is :)

Well, if I watch anything else. I'll post.

As for updates, still pulling this film of mine together. Nothing ended up happening with "The 13th Sign", but I'm trying to move on. ;)


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