Sunday, March 21, 2010

GAH. The World of AVI Codecs.....

Alright, so the short film has been finished...for almost a week. Sadly, I have been unable to publish it to youtube because of many AVI codec issues.
Currently, when I publish it, any AVI footage (so anything done with the flip video) is shrunk in half, leaving a half gray screen and half footage. It's annoying. I've downloaded every AVI codec imaginable to fix it...but nothing works. Actuallly, the AVI footage use to not play at all, so I downloaded a DIVX codec, which made it work on Windows Movie Maker, but not it doesn't play normally when published and played on something other than Windows Movie Maker.

I'm so frustrated! I just want this thing to be done! But, for all you tech savvy people out there who read this, HELP ME OUT. If you do, you will be rewarded in coffee and homemade cookies. I promise! :)

Srsly. Help me.



  1. For some reason I've found that using Apple codecs when doing the AVI compression helps get stuff to Youtube correctly, but the quality is never very good.

    I don't have an HD camera like the Flip though, just my Canon powershot, so maybe you will have better luck with your video quality.

    You might try downloading a video conversion program like Mpeg streamclip ( If you convert the video you can test it out with numerous different codec compression methods.

    Good luck. This shit is fucking annoying.

  2. If this works, I swear you will get cookies and coffee! lol I will try this right away!