Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rhymes with Orange

Hello hello!

Filming commenced today with Sean and Patrick for the Nuclear Short, now titled: Rhymes with Nuclear.
We shot most of the scenes in Ann Arbor and Whitmore Lake, and lots of B-Roll footage in Ypsilanti.
Today was seriously the perfect day for filming! The sky was gray and foreboding, and the locations we found were stellar! Not to mention some tasty starbucks, jimmy johns, and driving in Patricks Mustang...which just made it better!

So, I'm back now, in my dorm, eating pizza, and ready to edit this thing. :)
Because it might take me only today and tomorrow to edit, be prepared for the posted video soon!

I also took the liberty to take some shots of the filming, as well as some bloopers. Enjoy those for now, until I'm finished editing!
Me...being famous.
Patrick (left) and Sean (right) being BOSS.

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  1. It was great working with you and I love the new blog. Let me know if I can help with any future projects.